NRKbeta have made series of nice movies of different journeys in Norway, more or less famous.
Beginning with Bergensbanen, railway travel Oslo - Bergen

For unknown reason NRKbeta has closed down their torrent trackers, AND they do not respond
to any emails asking why the trackers are closed.

There is a licenses connected with these movies

They also request to shown this link

These links come from NRKbeta and might be broken in the future,
as I do not know what NRKbeta plans are for the future of these films ?

Here are torrents for those movies I have.

Enjoy !

Bergensbanen-minutt.for.minutt.1280x720p50.h264.NRK.mp4.torrent            23,2 GB

Birkebeinertraseen.1024x576p50.3Mb.h264.NRK.torrent                                    3,4 GB

Bybanen.i.Bergen.front.1024x576.50p.h264.Nrk.torrent                                     1,0 GB

Flamsbanen.hele.turen.1920x1080.h264.NRK.torrent                                          3,8 GB

Holmenkollbanen.Program.1920x1080.h264.Nrk.torrent                                      5,2 GB

Hurtigruten.x264.1920x1080.NRK2r.torrent                                                       595,4 GB

nordlandsbanen.fall.sync.1920x1080.h264.nrk.mp4.torrent                              16,7 GB

nordlandsbanen.spring.sync.1920x1080.h264.nrk.mp4.torrent                        25,2 GB

nordlandsbanen.summer.sync.1920x1080.h264.nrk.mp4.torrent                      18,3 GB

nordlandsbanen.winter.sync.1920x1080.h264.nrk.mp4.torrent                         15,4 GB

telemarkskanalen.program.1920x1080.x264.nrk.torrent                                    41,7 GB